FEW is back! And here’s all the people need to know! 

Florida considers Professional wrestling an essential business, which has allowed FEW to operate throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The FEW board of governors is said to have hired a new commissioner who has already made some major moves for the company including negotiating for a weekly tv series starting Saturday October 31, 2020 at 6pm EST/ 5pm CST airing on Youtube TV, Roku, Amazon (Powerslam TV), TV2Go, Itunes, Comcast TV 33 Detroit, KMRZ Los Angeles. For more information Click here to go “Inside the FEW”

Live on PPV…In honor of Black History Month, F.E.W. will host a 1st-ever annual celebration of achievements by African Americans in the Professional Wrestling industry. This two (2) day event titled “Say It Loud” is a time for recognizing their central role in Professional Wrestling history. This year the event will take place in “The River City” aka Jacksonville, Fl. This is a live event open to the public with limited seating as we continue to follow mandates & guidelines during the ongoing pandemic. If you can’t attend but you do not want to miss THE ACTION!! You can watch via PPV. Click the “Say it loud on PPV” button up top or click here. For tickets & more information on attending live, click here.


FEW Live episode 1 | 10.31.20

______ FEW LIVE ______

➡️ Officer Alex Drake vs. “Game Day” Johnny Zeke ➡️ Eli Knight vs. JB Cool ➡️ Nu Nation (Prince Agballah & Amin Mugabi) vs. Da Iversons ➡️ Amber Nova vs. T-Gainz

➡️ Johnny Zeke vs Jaula ➡️ Izaiah Zane vs. Officer Alex Drake ➡️ Damian Martinez will be in action… ➡️ Da Russell Twins w/ Roxy Rouge vs. Da Playaz Club w/ Leila Grey
➡️ Jimmy Jam vs. Damian Martinez ➡️ Leila Grey vs. Roxy Rouge ➡️ Da Playaz Club vs. Da Russell Twins ➡️ Debut of Carlito