Fantasy Camp

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy Camp – Parents Guide

The goal of the FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP is to provide a safe, fun, and activity-filled summer for all campers. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP promotes INTEGRITY values and requires that all children attending CAMP be respectful of fellow campers and CAMP staff. Campers will participate in various activities for fitness, health education and obesity prevention through the world of Professional Wrestling. Campers will also travel to various amusement sites for fun! Each day will begin with CAMP rally and cheers. We will then begin an activity filled day.

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP accepts girls and boys from ages 6 through 15 years old. 

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP will run for 9 weeks. Monday, June 14, 2021 through Friday, August 13, 2021. Regular CAMP hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Early drop-off / Late pick-up at 7:00 am & 6:00 pm is available for an additional fee. All Campers must arrive by 9:45 am.

No application will be accepted without a recent MEDICAL HISTORY FORM signed and dated by a physician, a completed registration APPLICATION, a NEGATIVE COVID test within 10 days prior to start of camp or proof of vaccination and CAMP FEES. 

Applications are accepted throughout the FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP season, as space permits.

The fee for FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP is $175.00 per week and includes lunch and afternoon snack.  A $15 discount is available for families registering a second sibling. The fee for a third child, and each additional child, is $150. This discount is applicable to extended family such as cousins, friends, etc!! The application registration fee is $25 per child. Early drop-off / Late pick-up fee is: $50 weekly. If you do not have Early drop-off / Late pick-up fee paid on your account, Early Drop-off / Late pick-up fee is $10 for every 10 minutes late or early…

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP fees are non-refundable; however, if it becomes necessary for you to change sessions for your camper, every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

The camp fees Information & pricing is for the 2021 season of FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP only. 
CAMP fees must be submitted two weeks in advance. The fee for the first and last week of camp must be submitted with the completed application form. If you plan to pay on a weekly basis, your first regular camp fee will be due at time of registration, and subsequent payments will be due every Monday thereafter. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP accepts: credit cards, debit cards, money orders, cash, Ca$happ, or Zelle. Money orders must be made payable to: FIGHTING EVOLUTION WRESTLING. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP DOES NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. There is a 1 day grace period for late payments, after which a $10 late fee is assessed. If payment is more than 2 days late, your child(ren) will not be permitted to attend FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP until payment is made. CAMP fees can be made over the phone or in person at the FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP office, through Ca$HAPP ($Fewsurvive) or on the Summer Fit CAMP website. Payments made through the website will be assessed a service fee. When making payments online and Cash App, please indicate the camper’s name in the notes and bring proof of the payment to submit to the office by Monday morning. Take advantage below of our Summer Camp discount for Half Summer and Full Summer session!!!!

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP requires that the MEDICAL HISTORY FORM is completed and signed by your child’s physician before he/she begins CAMP. Your child’s application will not be accepted without this form, even if you have included the CAMP fees. 

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP provides lunch and afternoon snack provide by the Miami-Dade County Community Action and Human Services Department Summer meals program. We are not able to suggest the menu, we can only request a HOT or COLD meal. Each child is offered a meal at lunch and snack in the afternoon during the allotted timed. Campers are not required to eat our meals and are permitted to bring their own meals. The menu is posted on the information board for your convenience. Because FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP is a long and active day, we offer time for morning breakfast. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP does not provide breakfast. You are encouraged to pack a morning breakfast that is suitable for your child’s appetite.  

Your child’s safety and security is one of our primary responsibilities. You will be asked to sign your child in as well as sign them out each day. We will need to know if you will pick-up your camper yourself, designate someone else to do this, or permit your camper to leave campus unescorted. Your child will not be released unescorted or with an unauthorized person if we do not have the proper information. Sign-in sheets are to record your camper’s daily attendance. It also verifies who picked up your camper at the end of the day. Please make sure your camper’s name is in the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the page before signing in or out. Only the people listed on the sheet are permitted to sign out your camper. Photo ID is required of everyone at pick-up. 

It will be very important for your child to be on time. Some of our activities will begin almost immediately at the start of the camp day and we cannot wait for campers. We will expect you to have the Information & pricing for the day trips that are NOT INCLUDED in the camp fees. We also expect you to pick up your camper on time. In the event of unforeseen circumstances causing late arrival, please call the CAMP office so that we will be aware of the situation.

Your child will be given a FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP t-shirts and are usually distributed the same day of our first off-campus event. If your camper has not received his or her shirt, for any reason, please notify someone in the front office. CAMP T-shirts must be worn for all trips off campus and activities. There is a $20 fee for additional t-shirts.

At FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP, we realize that while summer is a great break from school, it should not be a break from education. Children can lose up to two months in reading achievement over the summer. With that in mind, FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP offers reading time every day. Please make sure your camper brings a book to CAMP every day. 6 & 7-year-old campers will have story time. You are encouraged to pack a book for child’s counselor to read to his or her group.

Campers must have the following items: Protective Head guard, Elbow pads, knee pads, and wear sneakers only to FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP. Sandals and flip-flops present a safety issue as the children will engage in physical activities. Additionally, it is advisable for campers to wear breathable garments and proper support for activities (i.e., athletic support, jog-bras.) Since the campers will spend a great deal of time doing fitness, campers should bring a change of shirt, sweat towel, and bring a refillable water bottle. Campers should not wear excessive jewelry. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP instructors and counselors will not be responsible for valuables that need to be removed from participate in activities. 

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP reserves the right to alter its schedule due to inclement weather, up to and including cancellation of events and trips. 

Campers should not bring items of value to FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP discourages the use of electronic devices (Cell phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, etc) during scheduled activities. CAMP counselors cannot hold any valuables so that campers may participate in activities. Campers that bring valuables and electronics to CAMP, do so at their own risk. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP instructors and counselors are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items. Ordinarily, campers should bring only a modest amount of money to FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP. If the CAMP plans to visit a location where campers are permitted to spend their own money, please use discretion when choosing the amount of money for which your child can be responsible. When sending in payments with your camper, please place the money in an envelope labeled with your camper’s name and age as well as the amount enclosed on the front of the envelope.

The restroom is for the use of our campers only. If you need to use the restroom, please inform someone from the front office so that we can make sure that the restroom is clear of any children. 

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP firmly believes that the CAMP experience should be educational and fun for all campers. Disruptive behavior, such as fighting, taunting, bullying, intimidating, name-calling, foul or abusive language etc., will not be tolerated. Parents will be contacted should it become necessary to resolve issues of unacceptable behavior. We reserve the right to dismiss any child for continuous disruptive and or disrespectful behavior. Please instruct your child to speak to an adult CAMP staff member if he/she feels troubled by the behavior of another camper. We respect your child’s need to feel safe and secure at FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP. CAMP staff will immediately take the necessary steps to resolve any problems. 

Please label all your children’s belongings, especially CAMP t-shirts. Items left at CAMP will be placed in the lost & found until the end of FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP. Please send as few items as possible for trips. FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or left behind at trips.

All FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP staff is at least 18 years of age, CPR certified and have child abuse and state police clearances. 

FEW Pro Wrestling Fantasy CAMP Office – 954.918.7303