You have four (4) payment options to choose from:

  • Pro Wrestler training: $2,500
  • Manager Training Tuition: $500
  • Referee Training Tuition: $500
  • Valet Training Tuition: $500
  • Commentator Tuition: $300
  • 2 Week Trial: $150

You can either make an appointment to visit our office or fill out the TRAINING application online. **PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE.


  • Trained by the experienced staff of F.E.W.
  • You will receive a T-shirt upon first payment towards tuition.
  • Classes are Cardio Intensive. If you are not “in ring” shape it’s OK! The purpose is to help get you there! No prior conditioning is necessary but is highly recommended!
  • You DO NOT need a license in Florida. However, in some states you do.
  • Main purpose of class is to teach Basic Ring Techniques, Basic Moves, Basic Ring Psychology, and most importantly SAFETY!!

The program is for one (1) year. Any additional in-ring personal training after a year will be an additional fee. Fighting Evolution Wrestling trains their athletes for both non-televised (House Shows) and for live TV television audience. Please contact us by email or phone if you have any further questions about the program not answered here. Please click the link to our TRAINING application:


Whether you are a savvy ring veteran looking to sharpen your craft or new talent looking to find their way in the area, F.E.W. has something for you! Fighting Evolution Wrestling is dedicated to honing your in-ring wrestling abilities. During the sessions, you will learn more advanced training techniques and move-sets, Match Psychology, Delivering promo’s, you will participate in matches and receive direct feedback on your performance with offered critiques on how to improve your in-ring ability by the staff or invited guest. This class is meant for those who have graduated beyond basic training, Looking to be offered a spot on our live shows, and also for amateurs looking to move to the next level.


  • Must have wrestling boots, wrestling shoes, or sneakers.
  • Elbow pads & knee pads are HIGHLY recommended.
  • Long sleeve gym shirt (preferable) to work out in and an extra one to go home in.
  • Bring a towel.
  • Bring water or your own water container (sports bottle, mug, etc) to stay hydrated. We have water stations on site. 
  • You must assist with ALL ring duties (Set-up, Break-down, cleaning, promoting) for all of our events. It’s part of your training. Date(s) and Day(s) TBD.
  • Must maintain mandatory three (3) days a week of attendance. No excuses.
  • Students may not inquire, solicit, partake in any outside bookings, try-outs, or seminars without consent.
  • Students are not to have visitors inside the facility without prior approval.

*Failure to respect these rules, will result in review & possible suspension from the program. *click here to go back*